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Manometric valves


Nominal diameter:
AB10(3,25mm), AB12(6 mm), AB18(8mm)

Nominal pressure:
PN 40 bar. and PN 160 bar.

Working temperature:
От -200º C До 400º C

Brass, steel and stainless steel


  • Quickly open / close, rotation only on 90º
  • Wide sealing zone ensures reliable sealing
  • Simplified construction (single movable part) that guarantees the trouble-free work
  • Lack of corrosion and the congestion caused by it.
  • The seal can be changed quickly without removing the tap from the pipeline.
  • Can be used for throttling
  • Quick change of seals

Knife valve

Stopping and regulating device in viscous fluid pipelines, fluid in bulk, liquids containing a significant amount of solids and etc.др


Pulp (in the manufacture of paper and etc.), powdered products and products of crystals in the chemical industry, cement, sand and other abrasive construction materials, grain, flour, cereal fodder, food, brewery and wine production, polymers in the manufacture of synthetic fiber clothing, wastewater treatment plants and etc.


View-finders, torches, manholes and other fittings for direct flow monitoring.

Different DIN and ANSI sizes according to the type and its purpose.

The products consist of body, glass and gaskets, and there is a possibility of adding additional accessories – wipers, lighting, spheres and vanes (for transparent fluids), valves, etc. The assembly is made by DIN and ANSI flanges, threaded and welded.

Details material
Carbon and stainless steel body and special materials depending on the working environment
Glasses: borosilicate and soda lime
Pipe ancillaries: Klinger sil, PTFE, EPDM and other.

Application filed
For steam, chemicals, fuels and other.
Pressure: from 6 bar to160 bar.
Temperature: up to 280°С

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