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Metal drills

Metal drill bits are produced in a very wide variety of shapes, lengths, diameters and, of course, different uses. Made of high-speed steel with the addition of various elements and with various surface treatments, they are suitable for drilling holes in any metal. In this category, we have assembled various types of metal drills – conical and stepped, made of HSS steel, HSS-Co metal drill bits with high thermal and wear resistance, including spot welding, HSS-G drilling – single sided and double sided with different types of grip that allow drilling 40% faster with 50% less effort compared to standard HSS drills and quick-change metal drills with zenter. Here you will find and drill restrictor sets.

Wood drills

Yes, in general you make a hole in the wood with metal drill but bear in mind that this is applicable only for the small holes. If the holes are larger and deeper, the metal drill is inapplicable because it does not have the necessary sawdust removal channels, it fills the drilling process and the wood burns and the drill heats up. Therefore, the best solution is to buy a specialized wood drill bit that has a centering tip that pierces the material, and its cutting elements separate sawdust without filling the drill. The wood drill bits that we offer here are standard CV wood drill bits, CV and HSS with extended tail and different grip, left and right wood drill bits for multi-spindle machines.


Drilling of large-diameter holes, especially in hard materials, can not be done without cutter – a tool that rotates from a rotating drill. For each material, a suitable cutter is created. There are specialized metal cutters, concrete cutters for concrete and reinforced concrete, wood cutters, ceramic and brick cutters. They differ in the material they are made of, and especially in the teeth. For example, brick holes are designed for cutters with hard-alloy plates, the cutters for ceramics have a cutting edge with a powder diamond, the concrete cutters and reinforced concrete are diamond segments or hard-alloy plates, and the metal cutters are bimetallic, of high-speed steel or with hard-alloy plates. Due to the wide variety of drills, various adapters for the respective grip are also available – 6-wall tail adapters, adapters with SDS max tail and SDS plus tail, cylindrical tail adapters, spline tail adapters, metric thread adapters and more. To facilitate and further refine the work are also the wood, faience and metal bordans which have a regulator for drilling holes of different diameters.

Tap and dies sets

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