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Rubber expansion joints

Rubber expansion joints are flexible connectors assembled in the pipe systems. They relieve system strain by reducing vibration and noise and compensate static and dynamic movements caused by thermal change, load stress, pumping surges and construction settlement. The rubber expansion joints also compensate assembling inaccuracies (misalignment during installation) and can be used as pipe insert pieces to facilitate pipes’ inspections.

Axial expansion joints

Expansion joints are used for pipelines to accommodate linear expansions, for high temperature applications such as steam and, if necessary, for the absorption of motion or vibration. The variety of constructive designs and materials allows them to be used in different conditions, pipelines, etc.

Axial expansion joints – serve to take linear expansions in applications such as hot water and steam and are a popular solution for heat transmission networks. The sleeve is made of stainless steel and may have internal safety muffs.

If other types needed, please send us your specifications.

Working temperature
Up to 300ºC

On welding flanges.

Limiters, guards and others

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