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Classic level gauges with glasses

Reflex level gauge
Transparent level gauge
Bi-color level gauge
Pipe level gauge

The level gauges are made by the connection size specified by the customer. For larger sizes, combinations of sections are available.

The level gauges are equipped with drain valves and special fittings that allow quick closure if necessary. The armature is designed with a special grip which automatically clears the gauge chamber when glass breaks and thus prevents labor accidents.

Details material contacting the environment
Carbon steel (C22.8), stainless steel (1.4401) and special materials depending on the working environment.

Material of the internal elements of the fittings:
Stainless steel (1.4401) and special materials depending on the working environment

For steam up to 32 bar and 236°С.

Fluid level is easily monitored by gauge glasses

Maximum working temperature
236º C for steam,
400º C for other fluids except steam

PN 32 for steam,
PN 400 other environment except steam

Valves for ventilation
Level gauges
External heater

Magnetic level gauges


Operating principle

A specially designed float, depending on the specific weight of the working environment, floats in the chamber of the magnetic level indicator and interacts with a planetary display outside the camera via a magnet mounted therein. By rotating the colored plates, the level change is clearly displayed on the display. The magnet mounted in the float allows easy electronic signal output to remotely read the level.


Minimal length
250 mm

Maximal length
6 m (per section)
Unlimited when using multiple sections

Nominal pressure
PN 120 – steam
PN 400 – chemical industry

Working temperature
Up to 400º C

Specific weight of the working environment:
from 400 kg/m3 to 2200 кг/м3

Stark indication in red and white. Display Width 25 mm
The gauge uses ferrite plates driven by a hermetic float without guides. The indication is stable also in the presence of viciousness.
In the case of magnetic level indicators, an electrical level signal is easily output by means of switches and transmitters.

Body: Stainless steel or specific material resistant to aggressive working environments
Float: Stainless Steel, Titanium, Corrosion Resistant Plastics, etc.

Оn flanges, weld or thread.

Additional equipment
Remote sensing devices (alarm switches, transmitters, controllers), colored plates, hermetic float made of various materials (stainless steel, titanium or plastic), magnetostrictive sensors with high level precision.


  • Instant, accurate and clearly readable level indication
  • Display of the dead zone level
  • It does not need maintenance and drainage
  • Local and remote monitoring
  • Easy level monitoring with electronics and automation
  • Lightweight and robust welded construction
  • Hermetic construction
  • Suitable for poisonous and aggressive work environments
  • Accurate reading of the level even in the presence of foaming
  • Float with a powerful magnetic system operating at 360˚
  • The float moves freely in the camera and is not limited by guides.
  • Indication of a cracked float
  • The display may rotate depending on the viewing area
  • Broad range: up to 400 bar and 400 ° C (standard)
  • Unlimited measurement length
  • Easy to install because of the minimum weight

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