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Manual stretch film

Manual stretch film is available in thicknesses from 9 to 30 microns, with different widths – high elasticity – guaranteed impermeability – resistant to tearing and low temperatures – transport safety.

Machine stretch film

Machine stretch film is a very good material for protecting a variety of goods using automated packaging machines. The foil stretching machine has a significantly higher rupture resistance than the foil for stretching by hand. Machine packing of goods on pallets contributes to the perfect protection of the cargo during transport.

Stretch film offered by our company is available in six thicknesses, 125 mm, 250 mm, 500 mm and 120% to 350% stretch.
Machine stretch film is also characterized by a high strength and lack of adhesive outer layer that overcomes the pallet problem sticking during storage or transportation.

Manual scotch tape

Self-adhesive tapes or teats are transparent and colorful, with or without printing / logo.
Available in different widths: from 19 to 50 mm.
Available in different lengths: from 60 to 900 m.
They are divided into three main groups according to the type of adhesive – acrylic, hot melt and solvent.

Water Based Adhesive – Acrylic /water-based adhesive/ scotch tape. Made from a polymer base, usually acrylics, in water and various additives.

Solvent Based Adhesive – Solvent / adhesive on acetone base / tape.
Mixtures of natural rubber, hydrocarbons and natural resins, with various additives dissolved in organic solvents.

Hot melt – adhesive based on artificial rubber.
Mixtures of synthetic rubber, hydrocarbon natural resins and various additives made at high temperatures and cooling after applying the covering process ( “coating process “).

Machine scotch tape

Wrap your product safely and securely.

Durable and reliable rolls of machine scotch tape with a length of 900 m. A variety of widths and thicknesses. Depending on the specifics of your business or production, we can offer you the right machine scotch tape so you can maximize packing efficiency while minimizing costs.

Contact us and find the best product for your packing.

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